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Uro oncology


Uro oncology

This is a field which deals with diagnosis and treatments of tumors of urinary systems.

The disease processes involved in Uro Oncology are as follows
Prostate Cancer

 Prostate cancer is the 16th leading sites of cancers in India. The data shows that almost all regions of India are equally affected by this cancer .

The incidence rates of this cancer are constantly and rapidly increasing in India. The cancer projection data shows that the number of cases will become double by 2020 . In its early stages, the chance for cure is very high. It is diagnosed by a blood test called PSA and digital rectal exam. Surgery is the only treatment that removes the prostate gland entirely. In all other options such as radiation, brachytherapy and hormonal therapy, the prostate gland stays inside the patient. Decision on which option is best for patients is based on case by case.

Da Vinci Robotic prostatectomy is used for surgery of prostate cancer with greater precision, faster recovery and least blood loss.

Bladder Cancer

Eighteenth leading cancer in India. Most patients present with blood in urine. By looking inside the bladder and getting a biopsy of a lesion, pathologist can determine what type of bladder cancer and how aggressive the tumor is. For more aggressive diseases of bladder cancer that invades the muscular tissue of the bladder, surgical removal of the bladder is the standard of care. Open Radical Cystectomy is the standard of care with a urinary diversion either ideal conduit or a neobladder. DaVinci Robotic Cystectomy can also be done

Kidney Cancer

21st leading cancer in India. Most of these tumors are found incidentally as the result of unrelated imaging studies. Radical nephrectomy or partial nephrectomy are the gold standard treatment options for this disease process. While open surgical removal of kidney or part of it is indicated in selected patients, majority of these tumors could be removed laparoscopically or by Da Vinci robotic partial/total nephrectomy. The advantages are minimum blood loss, faster recovery time with similar oncological outcome.

Partial Nephrectomy

Also called nephron sparing surgery, it is usually chosen when the tumor size is less than 4cm. This type of surgery can be performed through an open surgery or laparoscopically. Da Vinci Robotic partial nephrectomy offers higher precision and faster recovery.

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