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sex and the city

Most of the patients nowadays who seek a consult in my clinic for sexual dysfunction are youngsters between 20 to 40 years. The lifestyle of Delhi and similar metro cities is to be blamed!
The stress faced by an average young urbanite has been ever increasing. Long working hours, night shifts, different shift duties between partners, smoking, lesser physical activity, work and travel relatedstress, everything is adding to the trouble.

All of this has lead to an unhealthy lifestyle with reduced physical activity and more stress related and metabolic disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Night shifts, long working and travelling hours and different work shifts amongst couples has led to lesser quality time spent together.

Frequent night shifts can alter natural circadian rhythm and disturbed sleep pattern leading to reduced sex hormones in males (testosterone levels). This can reduce the sex drive and even fertility potential.

A study has shown average commute time in Delhi to be two hours every day. This converts to higher stress levels and less time spent together amongst couples

No wonder there has been increase in the number of people taking consultation for increasing sexual dysfunction.

Here are some tips to promote a healthy lifestyle:
• Adopt healthy eating habits.
• Manage work life balance, prioritize!
• Cut down smoking.
• Regular exercise: Finding time to exercise can be issue in a busy days work. However you can still do some exercises at workplace:

-Avoid taking elevators and escalators.
-Bicep curls with a bottle full of water
-Kegel’s exercises while sitting on a chair
-Buy a hand gripper and use it for hand grip exercises
-Leg raises under the desk
-Stretch exercises, If you have a private chamber
-Push ups against the wall
-Wall sit ups
-Calf raises

• Reduce stress in commuting:
-Use of public transport, especially Metro services
-Car pooling
-Try to leave a few minutes early for work

• Shift works and managing relationship with partner:
-Call or text atleast once and keep conversation light
-Occasionally leave surprise gifts or I love you notes for your partner
-Plan a date or activity in advance whenever you have next available time together

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